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Accumulations Less Than One Inch


According to the websites of both the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel, my town has received six-tenths of an inch of snow since the beginning of February.

Now, I know that when you shovel snow out of something like your driveway, you end up with drifts on either side of it that are taller than the actual amount of snow you've received. Still, even if you double six-tenths of an inch, so that there would be one and two-tenths of an inch of snow in my lawn, I still think the websites are wrong. Because this does not look like an inch and two-tenths to me:


And it sure as hell hasn't FELT like an inch and two-tenths the last few days, when I've shoveled my driveway upwards of three times a day.

Stuff Happens, and So Does Snow


Sorry I've been incommunicado.... Some stuff happened, you know? And as soon as that stuff was done, some more stuff happened. And then, before that stuff was even dealt with, some new stuff came along. So I've been dealing with stuff. I think I've just about got the stuff resolved.... I hope to be blogging again normally long about the time the weekend arrives.

I confess, my entire life hasn't been consumed by stuff: there's also been the weather. The last couple of weeks, one of my favorite little hobbies has been to check the weather and see if daily high temperatures will rise above freezing any time in the next ten days. For a long time this very nasty thing happened, where each day that I checked the forecast, it would say that the next nine days would be miserably cold, while ten days from now, it would be about 30 degrees (-1 C) or so (which isn't above freezing but still beats 9 degrees [-13 C] by a hell of a lot), but that warmer day was always ten days away, if you know what I mean--the forecast was always revised to SUCK for the immediate future. Anyway, now when I check it, temperatures are supposed to be around 34 degrees (1 C) in about a week, and until then, they'll only be down around 14 F (which is at least double digits in Fahrenheit, even if it's -10 C) and we're only supposed to get six or so inches of snow in the next few days.

So eventually, really, I am starting to believe, it will warm up, and I can go outside without a hat on.

I just don't know what to do about all the dirty, icy, chunky snow the snow plows have left at the entrance to my driveway.... It's getting really hard to back out into the street. I swear, the thing about Iowa was, it would get COLD, way colder than Pennsylvania--actual temperatures of -20 (-30 C) were common, with wind chills of -40 (-40 C), and then there would be the dreadful day or two with an actual temperature of -40 (-40 C) with windchillls of -60 (-51 C), but Iowa didn't get so goddamn much snow! I am just so sick of snow.

Yeah. So, I've been dealing with stuff, and with snow. I hope both will abate, at least somewhat, soon.


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