What to Do with a Bored Cat


The other day a visitor said to me, as my cat sauntered by, "At least cats don't get bored, do they."

This person has a dog, not a cat. Obviously. Because anyone with a cat knows they do indeed get really bored--and a bored cat is a nasty, nasty creature to be around.

My cat is pretty damn bored right now. She's not an outdoor cat, though I'm lucky enough to have a screened porch she likes to hang out on--in the summer. I can't coax her outside at all right now, and she seems to blame me for the fact that it's snowing outside.

To keep her from going out of her mind with boredom and driving me out of my mind in the process, I play this game with her, where I throw cat toys up or down the stairs, and she chases them. Here she is waiting for me to throw a cat toy for her to chase.


But sometimes she gets tired of running up and down the stairs, and decides she just wants to let me throw them to her so she can bat them away, in which case she adopts this pose:


And sometimes I'll throw them too far, so she'll have to reach behind her, like this:


And sometimes, she'll catch the toy and attack it fiercely, in which case she looks like this!



This is so lame in a totally funny way. I'm so glad you're back. I missed your blog like a muthah.


Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Thanks for sharing...
Your cat is so cute.

Your kitty is adorable! One of our cats loves to play baseball--she is great at 'batting' the things that we throw at her. And I always thought this was a totally unique behavior. You've burst my bubble a bit here...

You bet cats get bored. And then they blame you.

That is one adorable cat.The last photo is about the cutest cat photo I've ever seen.
And yes, welcome back.

Glad you all liked it. I admit, that last photo, where Dinah is standing on her back legs and eating the orange and yellow mouse, just cracks me up. She looks like some furry Godzilla.

I just wanted to write and say your story and pictures of your kitty made me smile and a bit teary eyed at the same time. She looks just like my cat who recently passed away. He, too, made it very clear when he was bored and that it was my job to keep him entertained. Or else. We do a lot for our cats, but they give back so much in return. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures!

Glad you liked the pictures, Shari. Thanks for stopping by.

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