The BBC Loves the C-Word Too


Anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows that I'm a fan of the c-word as an actual term for female genitalia. Now I learn that the BBC is planning a documentary on why the word has become more popular, entitled, appropriatel enough, "I Love the C-Word." Plenty of people are outraged, but I'm quite pleased--unless, of course, the focus is all on why the word is such an effective insult. I just hope they have some sort of on-line broadcast so I can actually watch the program, since I don't live in England.


I don't care about the C-word one way or another, unless I'm being called an "F-ing C." Then, I care. A lot.

I think that we, as human beings, should pretend that women don't even HAVE genitalia. Like they do at BYU, where "vagina" is an unacceptable word onstage (although "damn" and "hell" are okay in the Margetts. "Vagina" is obviously MUCH worse). Because babies? They are delivered by ANGELS.

hey SML--I don't much care for being called a an "F-ing C," but I also don't care for being called a "fucking bitch" either. I can certainly acknowledge that the c word is a worse thing to be called than a bitch, but it's also a worse thing to be called than a dick. This is all part of my interest in rehabilitating it as an acceptable term for actual body parts and regions: maybe if it were a decent anatomical term, it wouldn't be so insulting. The story I link to mentions that the c word is the filthiest term you can use to insult someone. It really, really, really bugs me that the worst thing you can call someone is a term that is so deeply female. It shows how much our culture hates women.

Rebecca--You might be right: it might make things a lot easier to simply pretend that women have nothing specific down there, just some sort of vague area. Easier, that is, for everyone but the porn industry, but I don't really care about inconveniencing it.

One of my friends gets very upset if anyone refers to "the area," as she calls it, in specific terms, though she's quite willing to talk about male genitalia in great detail. I said the word "vulva" and she put her hands over her ears and apologized to everyone for my inappropriateness, though she herself had just finished a long very and crude rif on "the taint" (aka the perineum) and the body parts it adjoins. I find that so strange, a mark of such profound self-loathing. It makes me really sad.

You know, it makes total sense what you're saying here. I agree wholeheartedly. And it is sad, what your friend did. Interesting.

The BBC has touched on this before and Germaine Greer gave an excellent piece to camera about why the c word is so good - I hope you get to see it in this programme because she makes her point so well.

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