Nurse, I Spy Gypsies--Run!


One of the things I did while visiting my family is trade favorite youtube videos with my siblings. My brother introduced me to this video from Weird Al. Entitled "Bob," it consists entirely of palindromes, and it freakin' cracks me up everytime I watch it.


Holly, that was hilarious. I found it classic how he just stood there flipping cards. And what was up with the two dudes standing in the background?


My student number as an undergraduate was 782287. I do like a good palindrome. Peter Blegvad coined the lovely "Peel's foe, not a set animal, laminates a tone of sleep" for Kew. Rhone., which he composed with John Greaves -- the CD is remarkable: complex, beautiful music, chock-full of ideas. They Might Be Giants also have a fun song, "I Palindrome I," that incorporates some creative palindromes: "Egad, a base tone denotes a bad age."

This comment is well out-of-date, but I've been reading a book that made a reference to one of Guy Debord's films that reminded me of this posting. The film was entitled: "In girum imus nocte et comsumimur igni" (very roughly in English: we ran in circles at night and were consumed by fire). A Latin palindrome: fancy!

I read this post before but was directed back to it thanks to spike's recent comment. When I first read the post in January, I couldn't watch the video, now thanks to getting DSL, I can. So, to answer Sister Mary Lisa's question, "And what was up with the two dudes standing in the background?"... In case you were unaware the video is based on one by "Bob" Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues, you can watch it at you tube by following the link below:

While "Bob" is not a direct parody of this Dylan classic, it is what Weird Al refers to as a "style parody" (i.e. an original composition in the style of a certain artist).

My favorite Weird Al style parody is "Dare To Be Stupid" from the album of the same name. Mark Mothersbaugh once called it the best Devo song he never wrote. You can watch it here:

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