Two Milestones, One Invitation and Six Weird Things


Way, way back in early December, Janet tagged me for a "six weird things about me" meme. I am finally getting to it.

But first, I want to announce two milestones.

1: This is currently my 301st post. I say "currently" because occasionally, I review old posts and if there's a news item I've summarized and it's either no longer news or the links don't work anymore, I delete it. Anyway, I'm sure there are people who've managed to rack up more than 301 posts in the 17 months they have been blogging, but still, I find my efforts respectable.

2: I finished all my grading and submitted my last set of grades yesterday at 3 p.m., so I'm DONE for the semester.

And I also want to mention that I'll soon by flying to Arizona, where I'll spend time in both Tucson and the Phoenix metropolitan area. I know I have readers in both places.... If you are one such reader and you have any desire to meet me, leave me a comment saying "Hey, I'd like to hang out while you're in the state." And I'll email you and we'll set something up.

OK. On to the six weird things.

1. I don't actually think there's anything "weird" about me. OK, I recognize that I have certain habits and ideas other people consider "eccentric." But the logic behind them is too clear and reasonable in my mind for me to consider them "weird," because I am not capricious--I am logical and methodical and that is not weird. Nonetheless, I can admit that other people find the following things about me strange:

2. I am bothered by the fact that if you enter "100" on a microwave touch pad, you get 60 seconds' worth of cooking, same as if you enter "60," whereas if you enter "99" on a microwave touch pad, you get 99 seconds' worth of cooking--39 seconds more than if you entered "100". So I never microwave anything for one minute, but I often microwave things for 60 seconds or 99 seconds.

3. I really do sort of like ironing.

4. I am a touch obsessive-compulsive and I have to check my locks a number of times to make sure that they are, in fact, locked.

5. I sort of like doing my taxes. I am not really a numbers person, but in small doses I find adding up sums and figuring totals very rewarding, and I like working out, on my own, how to get as much money back from the federal government as possible.

6. I am a stickler for the use of proper terminology when discussing female genitalia. It makes me nuts when people refer to all of female genitalia as "a vagina," because, as I have noted before, the vagina is only one part of the female genitals. And I am always astonished that people who are quite willing to discuss body parts like the taint, and balls, and scrotums, and so forth, balk and recoil at hearing the word "vulva," as if it's a hex as powerful as "ni" seems to be in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I tag anyone who shares any of my six weird traits.


Yeah, I think the microwave thing is weird too, but not weird enough for me not to ever put in 100. But really - 100 does not equal 60...

I'm with you on #6 -- I hate the way it's "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina," especially since that's not the way little girls perceive what they've got. Of course I'm not much better since I usually go with "naughty bits." J/K, I prefer correct terminology when relevant.

I can't relate to any of the others though, particularly the ironing and taxes, yikes! Even if I'm getting money back, it's a pain to find all of the papers.

Also #1: I have logical reasons for most of my eccentricities, yet that doesn't make them any less weird... ;-)

I like your weirdness. I have had to explain myself to my husband as he watches me hit 33, 66, or 111 on my bugs the crap out of him. I say it's way more efficient to just hit one number twice vs. finding and correctly hitting multiple different numbers. Drives him nuts (which gives me more incentive to continue this annoying thing.)

I had to laugh at the body parts one. My dad used to hate it if he heard us say boobs...he'd interject, "It's BREAAAAST. Say it correctly, my children." I swear sometimes he'd even get a good rolled R in there. Immediately we'd walk around saying it just like him. "BREAAAAST. I have BREAAAASTS." It was a perfect way to bug him.

Excellent! I wish I liked doing my taxes. Now, I hire a guy. The difference between me doing them and him doing them is: when I do them, I owe the government. When he does them, I get a refund and usually a very nice refund. It's worth the $180 I pay him to get the $1,000 the government gives me.

Merry Christmas, Holly!

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