Baby Needed a New Pair of Shoes


As I mentioned yesterday, I wore a holiday get-up of green and red for my last day of teaching, and as I planned this outfit, it occurred to me that red tights in the same shade as my skirt might have been better than either the black or cream tights I had to wear. So I went tight-shopping.

And I found diddly. No red tights were to be had in this entire town, not at department stores, not at Target, not even at shoe stores.

However, at one shoe store, I found these:


And as I had a birthday coming up (that's right--I didn't make a big deal about it this year, but my birthday came and went over the weekend), and as baby needed a new pair of shoes, and as they were on sale and fit perfectly, and as I had two coupons I could use to reduce the cost of the shoes so that they were practically free, I had to buy them.

OK, I didn't real need the shoes. And OK, they weren't practically free. But they look really great and I wore them to a party on my birthday and I plan to wear them again soon, so I still think I did the right thing in buying them, and I didn't mind at all about the tights.


Happy (belated) birthday. Wicked looking shoes! Those will spice up anything you wear them with.

I love those shoes. I'm 5'9" and hardly ever wear higher heels than flat, but I love those shoes, and would feel extremely feminine in them too. If I had them. Which I don't. Sigh.

It's probably good you didn't find red tights. I'm not so sure about those. :)

Happy Belated B-Day!! Good that you spoiled yourself with a luxury item like fabulous shoes!

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