What I Did on My Brief Hiatus


Several people have written to inquire about how I am, seeing as how I typically posted several times a week but now almost two weeks have elapsed since my last posting--and the few right before the hiatus weren't all that original. For those of you who didn't email, merely wondered, and even for those of you who did: I've been OK. Not great, not awful (well, occasionally awful) but mostly just OK. And I'm happy enough with OK, because OK is sometimes hard to achieve when you're what I've been for the majority of this semester, which is really, really busy.

Busy, by the way, is not my favorite state of being. Or rather, I adore self-created busy-ness, where I have four books to read and a blog entry to do every day and a few poems to write each week and a book of my own that needs revising, as well as three sewing projects begging for attention and lots of gardening to be done as well as a sweater to knit when I get tired of all that literary stuff. But busy because I have to grade papers in every single one of my classes, and prepare a big-ass tenure report, and meet with students and administrators over a grade dispute, and welcome some visiting writer to campus.... that kind of busy I don't like so well.

But I survived it; I got everything turned in and returned on time; people were met and met with; and I probably won't (at least, I sincerely hope I won't) have another nasty stretch of days this semester to equal the first 19 days of October.

And having survived, I had sort of a meltdown over the weekend; Friday I sat on my couch and waited for some guy to come service my furnace (that's not a metaphor for anything, by the way; there really was a guy coming to make sure that my house's heating system would keep me, my cat and my plants from freezing to death this winter) and watched about seven hours of television and tried to find the right gauge for this scarf I want to knit out of this very chunky brown and gray wool.... I didn't even leave my house. I opened the door a time or two, to allow the furnace dude entrance or egress, but I didn't go outside. I didn't answer any email. I read some, but I didn't respond. I was as anti-social as I wanted to be, and that Helped.

So there should be stuff here, at least for the next little while. Sorry I disappeared so abruptly.... and thanks for having me back.


Maybe October is really the cruelest month. It was the month of the Cuban Missile Crisis, after all, when men who smoked too much and drank too much coffee tried to blow up the world. That is the kind of busy-ness we can do without. I hope the rest of October provides a more suitable busy-ness.

It's good to see you back.

Hallelujah! I was starting to worry. So much so, I almost posted a comment to your Voter Fraud entry wondering where you were and if we should send out the search party. Whew. Glad to know that won't be entirely necessary.

Sometimes, the best days are those spent doing nothing but staying in your pajamas and doing leisurely things like reading and knitting and watching episodes of Jeeves & Wooster and the like.

Here's to reparative recuperation--however one chooses to acheive that! And glad to have you back.

Luckily, the pilot light on your blog would never go out. Hokey enough? Welcome home.

Thanks, everyone. You're the best readers a blogger could have.

"I opened the door a time or two, to allow the furnace dude entrance or egress"

Nice. I rarely see "egress" outside the legal context (property law, gah) but it worked in that sentence.

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