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As I wrote Monday, I am really loving my camera. I wanted to come up with some worthy subjects to experiment on, and could think of nothing better than my shoes. This particular pair is among my recent acquisitions. I bought them this summer and unfortunately have not had an opportunity to wear them. I love them: they make my ankles look fabulous and I also like how the insole is pale blue, so that the shoe itself is a beautiful thing even when it's not on my foot.



You are having fun with that camera! What a lovely shot...

You'd love the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. I know I did.

Lovely composition in this shot! (The lighting is a little flat, but light is truly difficult to manage. It's one of the ways that photography challenges our sense of what we see. What the camera records is always different - in ways sometimes subtle, sometimes gross - from what we see with human eyes.)

And, wonderful shoes! The copper(?) detailing is perfectly lovely. I used to wear heels regularly; who can argue with the flattering turn they offer the ankle, the lovely arch of a shapely calf. Still, I came to experience heels as yet another of the ways that the cultural codes of feminity worked to cripple and constrain. Years of wearing heels regularly produces a permanent shortening of the achilles tendon and can damage the spine, in addition to the damage to the feet themselves. While it's not completely impossible to sprint for a bus in heels, it is both precarious and painful to do so. Then there's the whole stocking issue; since I came to utterly loathe encasing the lower half of my body in petroleum by-products (heels on bare feet and legs, even nicely tanned ones, have never looked right to me) I gradually gave up on heels except for very special occasions. My back and feet thank me for the sensible footwear that now carry me through my days and I love the painfree mobility. Still, seeing such lovely shoes invokes a nostalgic yearning for days when my sartorial decisions were less governed by such practical considerations.

I also enjoy shoes with fun-colored linings.

That is actually a beautiful photograph. The lighting does make it look a little fuzzy, but the shadows are still a nice touch.

Thanks, everyone, for playing along with the "let's look at Holly's shoes" game. There will be more installments to come.

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