I finally get around to teaching myself to use the camera I got for Christmas, and what's the first image I post on my blog? That's right:


a picture of my cat.


Dinah's gorgeous! She looks here like a not very distant but much thinner relative of a cat I adored for his nearly 20 years. His name was Opus (R.I.P.). He was my parents' cat and they used to tease him a bit, saying that what he lacked in intelligence he made up for with sweetness. He certainly was sweet but I believe he was smart, too: he was smart enough to move into a home with people who would fall in love with him.

I look at Dinah and I have to think, how could a person not fall in love with that cat? Didn't you describe her once as high-maintenance? It's a good sign when someone is willing to invest all that energy into a high-maintenance partner, and Dinah appears to be thriving. Now I'm going to tell my favorite feline friend how cool he is. (btw, he's 14 years old and still going strong.)

Not a thing wrong with posting a picture of the other living being in your immediate vicinity. She looks very dear.

Does Her Royal Dignity permit imperial belly-rubbings?

Wow. That is one wicked looking cat! Bet she can MEEEE_OWWW!!!

Nice, Holly. Nice.

I love the way it looks like she's completely perched on the bedpost there. As poetry but arranged in a style of her own.

Yes, Dale, you are right about the perching on the bedpost bit: when she arranged herself like that and started peering anxiously at me, I couldn't resist taking her photo. And she was very cooperative, and stayed like that for a good long while. Which is why, SO, I can't believe you'd think she looks wicked! She looks utterly docile and charming, just like Spike says. I did describe her as high maintenance, Spike, and she is, at dinner-time at least, but I always feel she is worth the effort she requires.

Juti, she will sometimes let me rub her belly, but she prefers to have her neck scratched. The best thing about her, though, is that sometimes she will sleep on my chest or belly while I'm alseep. It's very sweet.

I like the picture of your cat Holly.

I can think of no better first picture for your camera - and she obviously agrees. I'm glad you shared her. She is just beautiful.

(Not to mention, she's family. Why wouldn't you take her picture and post it? Unless you were afraid Dinah was going to start getting mash notes from love-smitten fans.)

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