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Every so often, people will post lists of the search queries that brought readers to their blogs. I'm finally following suit. I picked this particular list because it contains a few searches I might conduct myself (I've googled the Salt Lake Tribune a time or two, though I know my chances of finding the paper's home site instead of some reference to the paper are increased if I type in its full name) and the others are only sort of upsetting, instead of really, really gross. I'm offering it without comment because really, what is there to say?

pretty russian girls bikinis panties bra
self portraiture
drunken one night stand forgivable?
behold here is my daughter
self photo vagina
literary devices on keeping a notebook by didion
sl tribune
writing really good letter praise
mormon taboos coke coffee
my tits
tattoo in genital organ
men in britain emasculation
stuffed mormon pussy
when the beard is too painful to remove

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