Happy Anniversary


As I mentioned yesterday, today is the first anniversary of my blog. Instead of posting some long new entry, I thought I'd suggest you check out my very first entry, which explains why I named my blog Self-Portrait As.

I'm leaving for Sunstone in a few hours, but while I'm gone this time, I'm not turning the comments off, because Jim my host has fixed me up with a nifty new security function to keep spammers at bay. However, a couple of people have had problems posting when they try to preview their comments-- there's a glitch somewhere and once you preview the comment you can't post it. You have to highlight and save your comment, then hit refresh, then paste your comment into the new window, then hit post without hitting preview. Sorry for the problem....

Anyway, you can comment while I'm gone (and I do have some posts lined up to publish with the "scheduled" function) but it might be a while before I approve them. And I won't be around to comment on your blogs for a while, but I'll catch up when I'm back.



Happy blog anniversary. Just found your blog recently, but I look forward to reading more.

Happy blogoversary Holly!

Happy Anniversary to you, Self-Portrait As...

I've thoroughly enjoyed this site and look forward to many more thought-provoking years.


May the Force be with you in Utah.

I think you've well accomplished what you set out to do here Holly and it's always interesting.

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