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Because I occasionally write about sex, and about sexual violence against women, and because I also discussed various terms for female genitalia and announced my preference for a particular term and my impatience with the misuse of another term, my blog can show up when people do searches for sexual images and situations. Thus, when I check the searches that have led people to my blog, a lot of them are deeply disturbing and vile. I won't provide examples because that would lead even more weirdos to my site. But I must say, that as someone who has stayed away from internet porn, it has been very educational to me to see some of what other people go looking for out there.

But this one I found amusing enough to share: a search on "naked women in teddies."

Dude, chick, whoever you are, grasp this obvious fact: If they're wearing teddies, they're not naked!


Humans' natural prudishness leads to all manner of linguistic foolishness, and women rarely get the advantage...

I get quite a lot of sex-related queries landing on my blog as well, but the ones I get tend to be more interesting than disturbing. I hope they find something positive, helpful, and entertaining on my blog... ;-)

I could not resist the temptation. I googled "naked women in teddies" (without the quotes) to see what would come up. Maybe I'm using the wrong search engine but most of the results were not very interesting -- certainly not as interesting as your blog. However, I did come across one delicious tidbit on Harpers from May of 2005, where "officials in Zurich decided that a massive teddy bear in bondage regalia could not be put on display as part of the city's 'Teddy Summer' project."

I'm not certain if I agree with Harpers that this constitutes a folly. After all, if you scroll down to less than a month later, you find a reference to a British man pleading guilty to unloading a fire extinguisher into his friend's anus (with friends like these, who needs TWO SECONDS OF SOBER REFLECTION!!!). Now THAT'S folly!

That's like searching for "dead people in comas" or "good actors on soap operas." Incidentally, I listed my blog on a site that offers tags. I listed tons and tons of things that I don't really write about, but thought people might be searching for, like: shirtless and sexy. I feel sort of bad for those poor souls who find me that way.

My searches are so lame compared to the ones that lead people to my blog. Here are some of my recent searches:

"anthony bourdain" "no reservations"
"beautiful yet innocent, adorned yet inexperienced, attractive yet abstinent" (I did that search to catch a student who'd plagiarized a paper)
"ben & jerry"
"coventry patrmore"
"david oyelowo" (hot british actor I have a crush on)
"daylight saving time" (to make sure it wasn't daylight savings time)
"diet coke" history of
"first comic strip"
"first though best thought"
"queen victoria" birthday date of death (because I found a blog where a Canadian tried to explain the holiday May 24 by saying it was "the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was the mother of the current queen," and I knew that wasn't right--Vicky is actually Liz's great-great-grandmother or something like that--I traced the whole line of succession)
"veronica mars" episode guide (I now have that page bookmarked)
and of course the main topic I google is myself.

I enjoyed your post In Praise of the C Word. You make a very good argument for usage of the word cunt. I had no idea that the word vagina was so insufficient on so many levels and for so many reasons. I also liked your post Outer and Upper Vagina. I had never heard these terms before but through this post was able to see that using such terms are not only completely inaccurate but attempt to reduce the vulva to just an anatomical part on the body. Your arguments helped me to see that the use of the word cunt is both anatomically accurate and empowering.

Hi Carm--glad you liked those posts, and glad as well that you are an advocate of the c word now.

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