Accompanied by a Drawing of a Burning Bridge


From that same journal as the last entry, this one on page 10. Dated 7 May 05. Accompanied by a drawing of a burning bridge, done by me in Crayola Crayons.

I love no spectacle so much as that of a burning bridge--OH the glowing beams, the leaping flames, all of that light reflected in the dark, rippling water--and then, when the fire burns through the structure and its timbers plunge into the water, so it bubbles and steams--

Well it's just so cool

Not that I've ever seen a burning wooden bridge, but I imagine it's quite a phenomenon

First you imagine the river. Deep, wide and rapid though it may be, you are looking for its narrowest, calmest spot. You construct a sturdy, serviceable crossing that stretches from bank to bank. Then you set it on fire.

And that's all.


I wanted a "bridges of madison county" style that's what I did.
Very cool.

Try it with a covered bridge. My home province has this one you might like to think of ablaze.

Dale, this is the noise I made when I saw that pic and imagined it on fire "WOOOoooHOOOhOOOOOWOW"
Holly, see what you started?

Melanie, you are right, that is quite a bridge Dale suggests we burn down.

Your home province looks charming, Dale.

It's a charming province and a great place to visit. I'm not from that town but did see a covered bridge while I was home. I didn't have any matches with me though.

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