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Very nearly everyone is sharing their own version of these maps, which let you highlight all the countries, states, provinces etc you've been to. Here's my world map:

create your own visited country map

Well, I guess I've been a few places, haven't I, though there's a real problem with the southern half of the globe--I've never been south of the equator. I think managing that has just become a goal. I've always wanted to go to Kenya, and I'm pretty hot to get to Australia as well--I love beautiful deserts, and Kenya and Australia have those. So I'd best find a way to get there.

As for the northern half of the globe--the map above makes it look like I've been all over North America, when in fact I haven't. All of Canada is blocked in, but I've only been to Toronto. That will change this summer, however, when I go on a cruise to Alaska with my family and we stop in British Columbia (which I have long wanted to see).

There's also that itty bitty white space known as Switzerland fouling up the middle of my map of Europe--I really should go there, considering that one of my aunts is Swiss and one of my cousins was born there. Soon....

Here's a map of the states I've been to:

create your own personalized map of the USA

That's right, I've never really been to Nevada even though I grew up in a state bordering it, because I'm not counting states where I've never ventured beyond the airport. I once spent a hellish night in the Las Vegas airport thanks to America West Airlines, but I don't think that counts. Same goes for Michigan: I've flown in and out of Detroit dozens of times, but I've never left the terminal.

You can also see I haven't been to the far northeast reaches of the US. I was born on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and I like history, so I've always been keen to get to Boston, but somehow I haven't done it.

What really bugs me about this map is that North Dakota is unmarked. I took a little trip with a friend a decade ago or so, and we went to Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore and such and we could have driven into North Dakota and I could have added it to my map, but my friend was driving her car and she had already been there and didn't want to go again, so we didn't. Chances are good I may never make it back there--who just ups and goes to North Dakota? Sure as hell not me.


Thanks for the map! That's fun.

And now I know I've never been east of the Ohio River.

Loved looking at your maps Holly!

So far no one I know has been to North Dakota, so you're not the only one...

I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about never venturing south of the equator. Makes my world feel pretty small....

We're gonna have to get you to Oregon one of these days.

I would love to go to Oregon, Tammy.

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