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Some of you may remember my account of finding a storm window broken back in January, and of the fact that after the storm window was replaced, smudges remained on the window it had protected, in a way that I couldn't clean it--plus there were all these shards of glass trapped on the sill between the inside and storm window.

The good news now is that a friend has been visiting me, and yesterday he helped me take down the new storm window and do some final cleanup. We managed to get all the bits of glass vacuumed up, but the bad news is that the marks I thought were smudges on the inside window are actually scratches--when the storm window broke, its glass struck the inside window hard enough to gouge some fairly deep scratches.

The window faces southeast, and the scratches on it are right at my eye level and especially visible on a bright clear morning like today. They ain't going away unless I have the entire window replaced.


Well, I was hoping for a sense of closure when I started reading this, but now we have the damn scratches...

That's pretty much how I feel. I've thought about replacing the entire window, but it would cost a pretty penny, and it might get broken again. It's all very vexing.

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