A Body That Expands


Another Thursday, another mild hangover. Yesterday was a friend's birthday and we went out to celebrate. I only had two beers but they were Belgian beers brewed by Trappist Monks, and we all know how completely loaded those guys like to get. Plus, as sometimes (but not always) happens when I drink, I then couldn't sleep, and took some sort of pill to help the process. All of which made for a crappy next morning.

The good thing about drinking during the week is that it frees my weekend up for extended sobriety. The bad thing about drinking during the week is, well, all the stuff I mentioned above, plus the fact that it means I don't really feel like blogging. And I even have a couple of things I want to write about! I may just have to write the entry today and post it tomorrow.


I love this poem, Holly.

Lovely imagery Holly. Lay off the juice and write more poems! :O)

This is really beautiful, Party Girl.

"She told me, 'I play the saxophone
but my main instrument is my body.'"

So cool.

Thanks for the kind words, people. I admit that this is one of my personal favorites.

Wow, I know I'm falling back through your posts rather than springing ahead but this poem was amazing! Just wonderful. I hate it when my crusty demeanour is weakened by beauty. Dale

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