Why Hang Up?


People say you know you've found a special friend when you can enjoy a comfortable silence with him--the absence of speech doesn't herald awkwardness and anxiety. My friendship with Wayne must be pretty damn special because we can enjoy a comfortable silence together--on the phone. I called him Saturday afternoon and of course the conversation wandered eventually to blogging, an activity we share. We sat at our respective computers, he in Southern California, I in Northern Pennsylvania, and we blogged. We collaborated on three new entries (see them here, here and here), working in silent contentment, listening to the other breathe and mutter in the background but not speaking unless it became necessary, because we're THAT comfortable with each other, and besides, we both have free cell phone minutes on the weekend, so why hang up just because we don't have something to share right this second? In another 20 minutes or so, one of us will surely think up something to say.


Hey Holly,

Free cell phone minutes on the weekend?? Gotta love a competitition in the marketplace! That's damn good.

Holly, I answered your question to me over on my blog, but thought I'd answer it here as well. Yes, I lived in Kaohsiung for about 3 years. That's so bloody weird that you've been there as well. (Did you need to wear a smog mast 20 hours a day? Did you eat REAL Gong Bao Ji Ding??) I notice all the supposedly good restaurants here sell "Kung Pao Chicken" and MASSACRE the dish. It bugs me, a lot, because it's really damn good if you make it with the right kind of chillis. And NO noodles!

See you later!!

I am especially glad to have a friend like you. Madonna should be so lucky.

Reese--I didn't wear a mask while I was in Kaohsiung, but I remember how HORRIBLY polluted it was. Gross in ways that few things are gross. I remember the water had tiny red worms in it; boiling killed them but it was disgusting to pour a glass of water and see all these worms settle at the bottom.

Yeah. Sometimes I miss Taiwan, and sometimes I don't.

What about the rest of the island? I was also in Tainan, Taichung and Chung Hsing Syin Twun, which is near Sun Moon Lake.

Hey Holly,

Well, you were there quite a while before I was (I just returned to Canada less than a year ago) so nobody drinks the tap water AT ALL anymore. I wouldn't even boil eggs in it (but I used it to brush my teeth).

I traveled very little when I was there because I was there with my daughter (she's almost four now and we went there when she was a baby). Occasionally I'd meet extremely maddening hippies who would actually recommend BACKPACKING with a baby. Yeah right! I'm a hotel girl, big time. So, we took trips to Kending because I love the beach there, and took a day trip to Tainan, but that's about it.

I liked it a lot, but I found it too difficult to raise a child there. I went through THREE nannies while there, and wasn't crazy about any of them. It was very stressful, but if circumstances were different I probably would have stayed there for much longer.

See you later!

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