My New Favorite Plastic Bag

Yesterday when I picked up my mail--all twelve tons that had accumulated during the two weeks I'd had it held--there was a package mailed from Scotland by a friend. It contained a t-shirt bearing the cover art from The Queen is Dead by (of course) the Smiths. I am not much one for wearing clothing with slogans or writing on it, but I will wear this shirt.

I've blogged about my loathing of excess packaging as well as my fondness for cool plastic bags, an eccentric interest, perhaps, but one I like to think is harmless if not virtuous, given that I reuse for as long as I possibly can something a great many people throw away. Much to my delight, included in the package was the bag in which the shirt had been carried from Unknown Pleasures, the store where it was purchased. The bag bears a claim that it is "Probably the best carrier bag in Scotland," as well as a blurb from John Peel, stating, "I was talking to a guy the other day who was trying to convince me that CDs were better than vinyl because they had no surface noise. And I said ‘listen mate, life has surface noise.'"

I personally still prefer CDs to vinyl, but I am willing to believe that the carrier bag I've got now is indeed the best one ever to have come out of Scotland, and I will treasure it for a good two to three years.


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