Can They Be a Sensible Academy?


I just learned that Keira Knightley got an Oscar nomination for her insipid portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet in prd & prjdc! The movie as a whole got FOUR nominations, including art direction (yeah, it was pretty, but that doesn't make up for the lousy script), costume design (again, the clothes were very pretty, but they were NOT authentic--there was one gown Caroline Bingley wore that, while fabulous, was a thoroughly contemporary design), and "music written for a motion picture" (can't say the music made an impression on me).

I shouldn't gripe, I suppose: after all, even though it's watered-down, simplified, prettified Austen.... No, I should gripe. It's a mediocre version of a GREAT novel, and I rather hope Keira Knightley loses.


By the way, Keira is all the rage now here in England. The BBC was so pleased this morning at the English presence at the Oscars. I put it down to the "special relationship." In any case, maybe others will join me and actually read Pride and Prejudice. Thank you, Holly, for improving my brain's diet.

(N.B., I bought the Penguin Classics edition and my one complaint so far is that there are endnotes throughout to explain potentially archaic word usage. It's very annoying because as an academic, I feel compelled to read the endnotes and they usually just confirm what I thought already. I've taken now to reading all the endnotes for a chapter in advance and then forcing myself not to flip back to the end of the book to look them up while I concentrate on the prose. Who has time for Oscars?)

I would have liked Joan Allen (Upside of Anger) to receive a nom, but Keira Knightley will draw a much larger viewing audience - ;)

Since it was rather expected, I wasn't too disappointed.

Hey, I was just thinking that about Joan Allen. I was so bummed that she didn't get recognized for that role.

But I don't think there's anything to worry about on the Knightly winning front. Up against Felcity Huffman and Reese Witherspoon she has no chance, but then add Charlize and Dame Judi to the list and Keira's name on it becomes sorta laughable really.


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