Some Guy, to women in general: Women should care more about what I say. Women should do what I want them to do, because I understand how the world works and they don't. Also, why are you so concerned with consent and privilege? Plus, your ways of protesting are all wrong. A really good way to protest is by taking off your shirts like these hot Ukranian ladies like to do. They're called Femen. You should google them.

Me: Oh, fergodssake, shut up, you mansplaining douche.

Random Offended Person
: THAT'S MEAN! What you just said is MEAN! I don't like your tone! Don't you know how to be nice? Men like NICE ladies! Don't you want men to like you?

Gentle Reminder

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Being held accountable for belonging to a movement that has advocated the extermination of whole segments of humanity is not equal to being one of the people the first group sought to exterminate.

Myers-Briggs and the Fiery Pits of Hell

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Circulating on Facebook these days is a link to something explaining "The Definition Of Hell For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type." I rolled my eyes and then reposted the link too, adding, "I didn't even look at this, because hell to me would be to have to take the goddamn test and put any faith in its results. It's so freaking crude! No. Just no."

And someone who claimed "not to take things so seriously" showed up to tell me basically, how if I would, like her, take the test and care about the results and know what they mean, it would make that I didn't take the test so seriously, and that would be A Good Thing, whereas my dismissing it was Bad and meant that I took it way too seriously.


No doubt you've heard of the Myers-Briggs test. You might have taken it. You might even know and care about your type.

Good for you.

But here's the thing: it's been debunked as pseudoscience, criticized as meaningless. A lot.

And even if it hadn't, it sucks.

I really hate those open-ended questions at the end of Facebook or blog posts designed to invite/provoke people to respond. They seem so gratuitous and crude, like people can't figure out what the comment box is for unless you spell it out for them, like they can't make some sort of connection and figure out a way to add to the conversation unless you ask the most obvious of questions.

What sorts of social media rhetorical strategies really bug you?

History You Definitely Don't Want to Repeat

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I'm glad to have read The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty by G.J. Meyer and am even more glad I don't have to read it again. Well written but deeply depressing, regardless of how accurate Meyer's interpretation is. By the end, the litany of brutality, profligacy, and corruption had become a slog.

One thing that bugged me was the simplicity with which Meyer let some people off the hook while insisting on the depravity of others. John Calvin, for instance, got off easy in this book. Here's Meyer on

Calvin's notion of "double predestination"--of some being marked for damnation just as surely as others are fated for salvation--[which] has too often been regarded as the centerpiece of his theology. It is said to have made his God a kind of insanely cruel monster and to explain the severity of the regimen that Calvin imposed upon Geneva. In fact, however, Calvin regarded predestination as logically inescapable but otherwise beyond human understanding and in practical terms not of great importance. It was his followers who, after his death, moved predestination closer to the center of "Calvinist" belief. Calvin's own view was that the idea of predestination should make it possible for believers to set aside their anxieties about earning salvation and put their trust in the mercy of a gentle, compassionate divine father (who was also, Calvin suggested, a loving mother).

What the what?

50 Shades of Stockholm Syndrome

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As Mr. Kurtz so famously put it, "The horror! The horror!"

There's so much here that's horror-inducing that I think that might be the genre.

I was actually excited to read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. People said that the author was smart! You know, she has a PhD--in SCIENCE! That the premise was unusual! You know, WWII nurse sucked into henge-y highland vortex and transported 200 years into the past!

But really it's just a super boring, super bloated paean to how great it is to be dominated by some big dude in a skirt and no underwear and learn to call him master. Marital rape is AWESOME because even though it HURTS to have your husband fuck you super hard when you're already in pain and begging him to stop, the extra-super intense orgasm you have from it and the special closeness you feel to your husband lord and master afterward makes it all worth it. Same thing with having him beat you: yeah, it hurts, but if you deserved it, well, it just helps you see what a lucky lady you are to have a such a strong, domineering husband. Check it out:

Today I talked to a friend about how, since she has moved to Utah, she has found herself revisiting both her Mormon upbringing and her disaffection from the church.

She said she hadn't been able understand why some people were still concerned with the church, still talked about it, still participated in forums discussing or criticizing it. Sure, it was super messed up, but she'd left that behind. She had more important things to worry about than the stupid things she used to believe in her youth. The church had no effect on her now.

And then she moved to Utah, where her parents and several siblings live. And after a while, she not only listened politely, nodded, then changed the subject when people talked to her at parties about their relationship to Mormonism, she initiated conversations on the topic herself.

I get it. I always cared about my own Mormon past but for a very long time--well over a decade--I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to church-related current events. Why would I pay attention? They didn't affect me.

Then I moved to Utah, and now they do affect me.

Happiness, Submission and....

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Here's a photo that showed up in my Facebook feed last week:


I don't know if it's photoshopped or real graffiti, but I do know exactly where the building is: East Sixth Street and North Euclid Avenue in Tucson.

I even have my own picture of it:

Submission to god 2.JPG

I also have a picture where I'm grinning and flipping it off, but I'd rather not publish that here.

You just want to write a shitty first draft. The shittiest first draft on paper is superior to the most perfect first draft in your head.

Think of it as evolution. You just have to get it to the mammal stage the first time around. Actually it just has to have four legs and not swim in the water. So once you get your draft out of the primordial ooze and onto dry land, then you can take the time you need to turn it into a primate.

Less Complex than the Boy Scouts

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One of my most popular reviews on Goodreads is my trashing of Divergent, which I read a couple of years ago on the recommendation of someone who unfriended me on Facebook because I hated the book so much--and since the movie adaptation is in theaters now, I thought I would post it here.

Even Boy Scouts, who are supposed to be "Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent," are more morally and intellectually complex than this entire society, where you're allowed one defining trait, one primary virtue--and that's it.


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